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Finally, a game-changing search app that’s easy to use

Specifically made for Shopify stores, and trusted by leading brands, Reactify Search lets you merchandise it all with one app.

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Easy to use interface

Present your products exactly the way you imagined with the visual interface. Control how curations look and behave with preview mode.

Pin products

Pin products so they’re visible no matter what rules are applied.

Drag and drop

Control your product positioning and rearrange by aesthetics.

Preview interface

Put your merchandising to the test before you click “publish”.

Callout banners

Use a video or image banner to promote key campaigns.

Intuitive merchandising tools

Organise your products across collection and search results pages using intuitive tools that will make your merchandising go from good to great.

Boost rules

Apply dynamic reordering of products with rule-based logic.

Schedule curations

Set up your merchandising in advance, then sit back and relax.

Product information

Reveal helpful product data to inform the way you merchandise.

Add or hide products

Decide exactly what products appear in collection and search.

Fine-tune search relevance

Customise how the search output behaves by controlling the importance of different product attributes like title, type or tags.

Instant search

Optimise the product results that appear in the search dropdown.

Default search logic

Configure the default behaviour of your search results.

Curated search results

Merchandise a listing page for your most popular search terms.


Associate similar terms to avoid the dreaded “zero search results”.

Enhanced analytics & insights

Create merchandising strategies based on data that matters, our analytics dashboard is designed to empower you to make smart decisions.

Sales Data

We leverage Google Analytics to optimise boosting rules and more.

Behavioural Data

Determine clicks and views on a product, and filter value level.

Zero Search Results

Know exactly what search terms are rendering no results.

Conversion Rate

We present the revenue and CVR of search to help measure ROI.

Flexible filters & sorting

Empower customers to streamline their search with versatile filters and sorting options. Customise filters for attributes like colour, size and availability.

Unique filters

Set up unique filters depending on where the customer lands.

Merge values

Keep filters nice simple by merging similar values into one.

Default sort

Modify the sort options when customers land on a listing page.


Leverage the power of personalised, category-specific filter options.

Instant data updates

Experience lightning-fast syncing with instant data updates, ensuring your customers always have access to the most accurate product information.

Catalogue indexing

In real-time, the app fetches the latest version of your product.


Leverage the power of Shopify Markets with multi-currency support.

Group and merge

Powerful tools to merge and group products for a more streamlined experience.

Industry-leading search

We’re using the same tech that powers Netflix, Uber and Shopify.

Upcoming Features

We make improvements to our app daily, here are some features we’re working on:



Merchandise your collections with powerful rules based on user location, history and site activity.


Multi-Region Merchandising

Native support to merchandise different regions leveraging Shopify markets

Enhanced Boosting Rules

Powerful rules based on sales and conversion data to automatically boost products to the top of search results.


Predictive Search

Recommended search terms are presented in realtime based on a single query and what others are searching.

Search Boosting

Specific global boosting rules can be applied bases of sales, inventory, pricing and more.

Image Recognition AI

Enrich products using AI. Identify key product attributes to decrease manual data entry.

Merchandise your products with ease


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